Much Cleverer

Title: Much Cleverer.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Donna, Doctor. Mentions of Wilf, Sylvia, and Shaun.
Word Count: 2681
Rating: PG
Summary: Donna meant what she said and she was willing to fight for it, even if it meant spoilers.
Author's Notes: Spoilers for EoT and all of Series 4. AU in that we keep our lovely 10th Doctor.

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Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips- 83

83 Weakness

He couldn’t quite believe it was the 18th. And to think it was Locksley himself who reminded him of the day, he scowled. He had no right to remind him it was his mother’s birthday, or that it would have been. Of course, Locksley didn’t know- nor would he have cared.

He felt her approach more than he heard her. She brushed past him, her hand falling on his shoulder for a second, and sat down a few paces away. She didn’t say anything, didn’t acknowledge him outside the brief second her hand had touched him.

She looked a little like his mother- around the eyes and her hair, if it wasn’t for all the plaits. He lowered his head onto his knees, only noticing the angry tears when he tasted them. She never moved from her spot but he felt her hand in his hair.

It was hard to say how long they both sat there- crying silently while she stroked his hair- but when he was done she stood and leaned over him, pressing a kiss into his hair, and walked away.

Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips- 36

36 Flower

He watched Meg run from one side of the clearing to another and sighed heavily as he dropped down to sit at the base of a tree. When Anne had asked him to take care of her while she helped Elle treat another sick child, he’d thought he was getting out of doing the truly hard work. She had conveniently forgotten to mention, however, the amount of sheer energy the little girl had.

She had nearly made him fall in the river, had him trek through half the forest (or so it seemed to him), talked his ear off, and had all but demanded that he take her somewhere she could pick flowers. When he had tried convincing her that there were no flowers she’d given him a straight look, put her hands on her hips, and pursed her lips. He’d laughed so hard he’d nearly cried. She couldn’t have been any more than six years old but she’d mimicked her aunt’s look so perfectly that he felt as though it had been a younger Anne, and not her niece, demanding flowers.

So now he sat, watching her pick flowers, and knowing he might as well have been looking into Anne's past.

Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips- 53

53 Earth

The fall was not quite so hard as she had expected; she found her pride more injured than her rear, or even the food she’d been carrying. She’d made a face and glared at the dirt beneath her before turning to glare at whoever was laughing at her.

While she didn’t immediately recognize him or remember his name, she soon realized she’d seen him before. She had spotted him on the streets every now and then, heard the villagers talk of him, knew him to be something of a trouble maker; Elle had already marked him for a life as an outlaw. Huffily, she stood and dusted herself off. “Glad you’re amused.”

He laughed again and threw a “Very.” her way before he came forward and began gathering what she’d dropped. She kneeled down as well and dusted off a loaf of bread before putting it back in its sack. Dropping the last loaf in he stood with the rough sack and handed it to her when she had straightened out.

Almost grudgingly, her pride still stinging, she thanked him and, after a moment, introduced herself. “Anne.” She said with a nod.

Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips- 52

52 Fire

“Bull, pass the mead.” He held his hand out expectantly, staring at roaring fire in front of him. Or, perhaps, just past the fire at the whelp trying to woo Anne. He was young, blue-eyed and baby-faced, and he’d been grinning at her all day.

Anne, despite sometimes frightening men away, was a very sociable person and had made little, if any, attempt to dissuade the boy in his conversations. He was sitting a little too close, in Will’s honest opinion, and was grinning far too much to be trusted. He saw her lean away from him as the boy scooted closer.

He was up and moving across their circle before he realized what he was doing. The fire cast shadows across his face as he looked down at the whelp, making him seem a frightful, foreboding figure. When the boy had scurried away he sat himself down beside her, ignoring the look she was giving him.

Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips- 25

25 Party


            The festivities were well underway; Fanny had born a strong son and was yet living herself, that was enough for a celebration. The fires were bright, the music lively, and the Maid Marian Locksley had brought looked quite lovely.

            “May I have this dance?” She took the flower gladly but Locksley was there in an instant, claiming his territory. Once more he had been bested by Robin Hood. Scowling, he moved away from the festivities. Anne stood a few steps from a hut.

            His face brightened on seeing her- she looked rather comely, if not for the pursed lips and sour face. “Anne, dance with me.” He held out his hand.

            She scowled- worse than him, he thought. “Go to hell.” She stormed past and, try as he might, he couldn’t figure out how he’d been rejected twice.

Will (PoT)

Plaits and Pursed Lips - 96

A series of drabbles I set as a challenge to myself all for Mr. Will Scarlet à la Christian Slater in Prince of Thieves. In my personal opinion he didn't get enough love, and I'm all about Will Scarlet love. I had to set this grievance right. 

96 Watching

            The past months had been nothing but trouble, in his very esteemed opinion. Who did he think he was, this Locksley noble? Who was he to come back from his stupid holy war and decide he was like them? Who was he to risk their lives? Who was he to become defender of the people?

            His sulking brooding was interrupted when a hand thwaped the back of his head. He turned but he had a good idea who it was before he even saw the plait draped over her shoulder.

            “Stop staring, Scarlet. People will start talking."

Will (PoT)

Will Scarlet

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006.Control 007.Trouble 008.Cops 009.Hospital 010.Sickness
011.Blue 012.Red 013.Black 014.White 015.Colors
016.Shapes 017.Sizes 018.Length 019.Height 020.Circle
021.Square 022.Diamond 023.Triangle 024.Star 025.Party
026.Parents 027.Aunt 028.Uncle 029.Brother 030.Sister
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