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How To Fix a First Date

Title: How To Fix a First Date
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Emmeline Vance, Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew.
Word Count: 833
Summary: Sometimes they need a little help.


Emm had barely set foot inside the Three Broomsticks before Lily was in front of her. She didn’t answer immediately and instead took her coat off slowly, watching Lily warily. As far as she knew, Lily was supposed to be on a date with James; the first date after seven years of denial. Why she was suddenly standing in front of Emm, she didn’t know.

Lily looked at her impatiently while she folded her coat over her arm and brushed back her hair. Finally, she took pity on her; Lily looked ready to burst. “Yes?”

Before she knew what was happening Lily had grabbed her arm and was dragging her along while she weaved through tables. “You have to come along. Dorcas and Marli are no where to be found. I can’t be alone with Potter. This is never going to work. And Black and the others keep hovering around. You have to come with me.”

Emm blinked behind her. She should have known. “Lily, I know I don’t date much, or at all,” She clarified, “But I believe the point of a date is to be alone with your date.” Lily shot her a dirty look. “I can’t believe you’re so nervous about this.”

Lily came to a halt and did an abrupt about face. “I am not nervous!” She hissed. Emm was too amused to keep a straight face. She’d only been rooting for James for three years, after all. If she left it up to Lily she’d spoil it all.

Emm took the lead for the short distance left to the table where James was sitting, glaring at Sirius. The boys looked up at them and Emm was pleased to note that James looked a little nervous. She nodded at them. “James, Remus, Peter, Black.” She received three Emm’s and one Vance in return.

She bit back a smirk. She had decided to like Sirius today, but he didn’t have to know that.

Emm pulled a free seat over to the table and sat, making sure to angle herself toward Remus. “So, how’s the date going?” She draped herself across the chair, crossing her legs, and rolling back her shoulders in that particular manner her grandmother had taught her to sit. Lily glared at her. “I imagine it’s hard to have a date with so many other people involved.” She looked pointedly at the boys.

Beside her James nodded emphatically. “Thank you.” He turned to glare again at Sirius. “Bugger off.” Remus and Peter had the decency to look sheepish. Sirius continued to grin unabashed.

She narrowed her eyes at him, trying to figure out his game. He knew that James had been waiting for this since their third year. No matter how he felt about Lily’s “inability to have fun”, he would not sabotage this.

Lily was uncharacteristically silent all throughout.

“You know, when I escaped Alice and Frank I wasn’t expecting to be dragged into another couple’s outing.” Escaped was hardly the right word. Alice and Frank had accompanied her around Hogsmead for nearly an hour before Alice gave her that look that Emm had long ago learned meant Emm, dearest, scram; I need a snog. Emm always obliged.

Sirius leaned back in his chair, balancing on two legs. “Vance, we’re just trying to make sure everything goes according to plan.” He grinned in that stupid Sirius way. “Not that there’s really a plan at all. James forgot to put on pants this morning, much less plan anything.” He ignored James’ scandalized look. “I don’t think he even slept last night. I don’t know what you’re so worried about, mate. You’ve only been working for this for four years.”

It wasn’t until Emm caught sight of Lily’s relaxed shoulders that she realized what he was doing. If Lily had been any indication the date had been tense with stilted conversation and nerves abound. The idiot had probably thought their presence would help things along, and he’d been right. In that instant she was overwhelmingly fond of him.

She kept from smiling too widely as she stood. “Come on, boys, You’re going to help me buy a few things from Honeydukes.” She figured that would catch their attention (and she needed more Ice Mice). Peter readily agreed and jumped out of his seat, Remus following behind with a smile. Only Sirius remained sitting.

With a sigh she gripped the back of his chair so she was the only thing keeping him up and leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “Come on, Sirius,” She rarely used his name. “You’ve achieved your goal. I’ll buy you a chocolate frog for your trouble.”

When she deposited his chair back on all four legs and straightened up Lily was watching her carefully, but Sirius got up and saluted them. “Let’s go Vance. I’ve got a sudden craving for chocolate.”


Thanks for sharing, that was very cute! I love me some fluffy short fics...