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001. Mistakes 002. Heartfelt 003. Fading Away 004. Spirit 005. Choose
006. Immortal 007. Open Your Eyes 008. Electrify 009. Starlight 010. Sacrifice
011. Honour 012. Bite 013. Commit 014. Fake 015. Tender
016. Trouble 017. Final 018. Waiting 019. Awareness 020. Turn Away
021. Searching 022. Hands of Fate 023. Irresistable 024. Easy 025. Breathing
026. Stumble 027. Fighting 028. Closing In 029. Involved 030. Destiny
031. Sweet 032. Calling 033. Nightmare 034. Flat 035. Superstar
036. Spider Web 037. Haunted 038. Rich 039. Everybody 040. Meant No Harm
041. Apple 042. Darling 043. Name 044. By My Side 045. Mountains
046.Writer's Choice 047.Writer's Choice 048.Writer's Choice 049.Writer's Choice 050.Writer's Choice

Sea Sickness

Title: Sea Sickness
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Lothiriel, Eomer, Amrothos. 
Word Count: 829
Summary: She may be a diplomat, but that does not mean she is pleased about his presence in the least.
Author's Notes: I haven't posted anything on here in so long. It's really just a little drabble I got hit with because I wanted to see Lothiriel and Eomer at sea.

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Her Role

Title: Her Role.
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Donna, Davenport.
Word Count: 704.
Rating: PG
Summary: Donna takes it upon herself to be the sympathetic shoulder.
Author's Notes: Spoilers for Unicorn and the Wasp. Was originally meant to deal more with Donna and the Doctor and how they were viewed, but it got away from me. Written for the Doctor_Donna prompt "Mum's the word" though the prompt word "purpose" also fits.

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